My first cardigan

My first cardigan

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Sizes:                               S (M) L (XL)

                                         36-38, (38-40), 40-42, (42-44)

Yarn suggestions:         1 thread of Sky from Drops (190 m – 50g) and 1 thread of Kid mohair/silk (210 m – 25g)

Yarn consumption:                                                

Short model                    Sky from Drops = 350g(400g)450g(500)

                                         Kid mohair/silk = 175g(175g)200g(225g)

Long model                     Sky from Drops = 450g(500g)600g(650)

                                          Kid mohair/silk = 225g(225g)275g(300g)

Yarn options:                    Brushed Alpaca silk instead of mohair silk (140 m-25g) and yarn with yardage 200           m/ gauge with 28 stitches instead of Sky from Drops

Options for both qualities: Air from drops, Kos from Sandnes garn

Yarn consumption is converted to meters before you can calculate the amount of balls of yarn that is required.

Crochet hook:                  4 mm or 4,5 mm

Gauge:                              18hdc*15 rw = 10*10 cm with crochet hook 4,5 mm

Buttons:                            5(5)6(6) pieces of 25 mm


Width:                                            49(52)55(58) cm

Length for shot model:            59(60,5)63,5(65) cm

Length for long model:            82(83,5)86,5(88) cm

Length of the arms:                  46(46)48,5(48,5) cm